Although most people can muscle test for themselves, sometimes people are simply unable to.  Such as infants.  Children before the age of 10.  Sometimes the elderly.  Bedridden.  Animals, of course.  Horses.  Dogs.  Cats. (Did you know it's getting easier to find holistic veterinarians who routinely use muscle testing in determining remedies for their patients?) 

It even helps people who are "temporarily not in a testable state".  This refers to one's temporary inability to respond properly to muscle testing, and can be attributed to a number of factors from dehydration to blood sugar level to emotional stress, fatigue, illness, etc.  In any event, regardless of the cause, a person will have skewed test results.  Fortunately, it is easy to identify and rectify with surrogate testing.

Hence proxy testing, or surrogate testing.  Both terms express the core principle of having someone else step in for you.  In the case of muscle testing, someone else steps in for you so that you can get the answers you need right now.  Many of us have experienced the electrostatic shock caused by another person touching us, and a similar thing is occuring here. 

It's really quite fascinating.  Let's take Mom and her daughter Amy.  Mom wants to see how well Amy tests with broccoli, but she's only 7 years old and doesn't have the necessary concentration to focus on her role in muscle testing.  So Mom has Amy place her hand on Mom's hip, which influences Mom's energy level, and then Mom measures the change to her own strength.  Then Mom has Amy hold the broccoli in her hand, with the other hand still on Mom's hip.  This act creates a change in Amy's energy, and by virtue of physical contact, another change in Mom's as well, and Mom gets the answer she needed.

It's really pretty straightforward.  What isn't so easy is to get all the parties involved (sometimes it takes a third linking person) to accept the truth of it, and to understand their responsibilities during muscle testing.  Let's face it, it seems somewhat wacky to a lot of people.  And until all parties are unequivocally convinced of the authenticity of surrogate testing and know their part in it, you scores will be skewed by their lack of understanding and resulting opinions.  We simply can not afford to have that, can we?  We'll teach you how to win them --- and yourself ---- over!

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