This is a form of surrogate testing, but as you can easily guess, it's done from a distance.  The most effective manner of remote testing is by telephone or VOIP (skype, etc.).

The idea of testing for someone over the phone can seem pretty far-out, at first glance.  Thanks to quantum physics, its has now been demonstrated in quantum models that this sub-atomic stuff which remote testing relies on is very real. So, without inundating you with the physics of it, you can harness the power of this type of testing in your life.  Of course, quantum mechanics is quite fascinating and you will be learning some neat things about it.

Here's the tough part about remote testing:  You have to master the dance.  If someone tells you that remote testing is easy, run away from them as fast as you can.  The truth is, you have to be on your toes executing a series of instructions to the person on the other end of the phone, at the same time keeping yourself on track. We'll be supplying you with excellent tools to keep it all organized.

We're here to help you develop the skillsets that are necessary for accurate remote testing.  As with all of our courses, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic CoachingTM plays an important part.  You''ll be practicing one-on-one with your JET Counselor, and a few others as well.  It's not enough to just learn the skills, you have to be complementing your learning with practical application, and we'll get you through the learning curve.

This course includes excellent course materials provided in a variety of contemporary media formats including DVD, streaming audio, streaming video, easy-to-follow testing forms, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic Coaching sessions professionally recorded for your later review, and it's backed by our simple and fair moneyback guarantee.

Prerequisites: 101, 103

Total coursework: 10.5 hours

Weekly commitment: 3 hours

Regularly $309

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