You know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, but there's so much information out there.  You’re tired of estimating, wondering, hoping, experimenting and analyzing.  The question is…can you really benefit from that food or supplement, or not?  If so, then how much?  More in the morning, or more in the evening?  Would a booster be helpful, or a waste of money?  Where should your priorities be?

Those are important and complex questions.  To accurately answer them, you’d have to analyze your last 30 or 40 years of dietary intake.  Factor in decades of environmental stresses.  Emotional stresses.  Metabolism.  Blood type.  Personality type.  Genetics.  Personal biorhythms.  It’s next to impossible to do and guaranteed to give you a headache.

Smart muscle testing gives smart answers.  Learn our finely polished, easy-to-use protocols to make sure you’re spending your food & supplement dollars exactly where you need to.  Test for highest priorities.  Best combinations.  Brands.  Amounts.  Morning or evening.  Split up according to your biorhythms.  Plus you’ll learn some cool testing for supercharging recovery, avoiding illness, and minimizing detox.  Testing products online, at health food stores, and more!

We make it easy!  Simply test your supplements using our follow-the-yellow-brick-road system once every 6 months or so.  Before long, your friends will ask what’s gotten into you----noticing more spring in your step and a healthier glow about you.  You’ll feel good knowing what you know.  Please note we do not market supplements, but we’re happy to point you in that direction.

This course includes excellent course materials provided in a variety of contemporary media formats including DVD, streaming audio, streaming video, easy-to-follow testing forms, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic Coaching sessions professionally recorded for your later review, and it's backed by our simple and fair moneyback guarantee.

Note: Course 210 and Course 220 include identical materials & learning.  If you choose it here it will let us know you want more of an emphasis on supplements.


Prerequisites: 101, 102

Total coursework: 15.0 hours

Weekly commitment: 3 hours

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