Freedom is something we all value. Being held prisoner by our past emotions, fears and experience can shackle us for years, even decades. Break free from your past with this increasingly popular technique, and use muscle testing to verify you’re really clearing the past----for once and for all!

Whether you are new to EFT (see or have been using the technique for a while, we'll lead you through how EFT and JET work together to help you be successful in overcoming the emotional experiences that hold you back.  Using the 4U2C Tester®, we can assess if an emotional issue is energetically weakening us.  If it weakens us and we can discover the core issues causing the weakness, we can correct them with EFT.

Your SUDS level (or stress level) is often used in EFT to determine the success of the corrective process.  Sometimes it's very easy to determine, at other times it can be quite elusive.  JET identifies the elusive ones and eliminates the guesswork.  It also fine-tunes the information you gather, so the releasing process is more effectively completed.  Finally, by being able to measure your work against your 100% clearpoint, you'll know if you really got to the bottom of it.

Using EFT with JET Kinesiology helps demonstrate that emotions do affect us, and that our body's energy system always responds to the EFT. Indeed, you will come to review cleared issues from years before, and in retesting discover that they remained cleared!  And in the minority of cases where it has come back, you'll be able to test to make sure you get to the root of the matter.  It's like EFT on steroids!

This course includes excellent course materials provided in a variety of contemporary media formats including DVD, streaming audio, streaming video, easy-to-follow testing forms, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic Coaching sessions professionally recorded for your later review, and it's backed by our simple and fair moneyback guarantee.

Prerequisite: 101, 102

Total coursework: 13.5 hours

Weekly commitment: 3 hours

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