Finally!  And they said it couldn't be done!  Great news!  We've "cracked the code" on how to muscle test for important life decisions!  This is a huge breakthrough in the history of kinesiology and we guarantee your results.

Over the last 50 years, when people tried to muscle test for these decisions, sometimes it would seem to work and other times it wouldn't.  For many years, even the best of muscle testing experts couldn't get people across-the-board to do this type of testing well.

How did this breakthrough come about?  In the spring of 2007, James Stevens, the founder, was hit with a series of inspirations on this type of testing while on his daily walks.  He kept notes, did some testing and was impressed with the initial results.  Several guinea pigs later, a testing protocol and testing philosophy had emerged.  Over the last 2 years it's been highly polished and we've been successfuly teaching it to very satisfied students.

There are some pretty nice benefits to using muscle testing for making important life decisions.  First, making great decisions is always great thing, right?  Secondly, we can waste a lot of time fretting and wondering and going back-and-forth in our minds, when it would be far more efficient to muscle test.  Plus, the peace of mind you get from knowing the decision you made was the right one is an added bonus.

Here's the deal, though.  You can't just test any way you want.  There are certain protocols to follow in order for it to work.  For instance, it’s easy for emotions to get in the way because they're entwined in those decisions you're trying to make.  You also need to know the way to structure your statements for testing.  Also important is the proper perspective to hold while doing the testing.  Plus there are factors to consider when making your decision. 

Make no mistake, this is not a "course-in-a-box" we're offering.  Since one-to-one tutoring comes standard with all of our courses, we're committed to personally walking through it with you until it's you've achieved compentency with it.  And we don't give up until you get it.  Now, for the first time, your muscle testing can lead to better decisions and higher peace of mind. How will your psychoanalyst live without you?

Includes excellent course materials provided in a variety of contemporary media formats including DVD, streaming audio, streaming video, easy-to-follow testing forms, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic Coaching sessions professionally recorded for your later review, and it's backed by our fair and simple money back guarantee.

Prerequisites: 101, 102

Total coursework: 13 hours

Weekly commitment: 3 hours

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