Can you take something that took you a few weeks to learn and get it working for another person in 15 minutes?  Yes!  It starts with your intimate knowledge gained during your previous learning. With that, we can now teach you an encapsulated 15-minute choreographed "dance" of presentation, coaching, and guided mental focus that gets the other person up-and-running quickly under your guidance.

Next, we'll build upon foundational skills you learned in Series 200 courses to teach you how to handle variances in responses and a number of other things that can occur from working with a variety of people. The foundational skills related to preparing, qualifying for testing and handling reverse polarity issues that you learned earlier will form the structure of teaching you how to handle it when working with others.

A word to the wise, however: if your intention is to use JET Testing to help others self-test, don't attempt to use a personal course to learn what you can, then try to figure out the rest out on your own.  You'll run into a lot of unexpected obstacles along the way. Our coaching will help you avoid those nasty bumps and smooth the way to your professional success with JET Testing.

"JET" stands for the Joys of Energy Testing and you'll have a lot of fun sharing this with others. People love to do the self-testing!  And you'll be smiling right along with them, quietly confident that both of you are doing what you're supposed to be doing to insure accuracy.

Includes excellent course materials provided in a variety of contemporary media formats including DVD, streaming audio, streaming video, easy-to-follow testing forms, 1-2-1 JET Telephonic Coaching sessions professionally recorded for your later review, and it's backed byour simple and fair moneyback guarantee.

Note: Includes two additional test devices for a full complement of light, medium and heavy-duty models.

Prerequisite: 103, any Series 200 course.

Note: concurrent enrollment in Series 400 course required.

Total coursework: 9.5 hours

Weekly commitment: 3.0 hours

Regularly $199 

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Learn it accurately, use it for life.TM