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The Professional Certification Program is designed to offer a professional enhancement for your career portfolio.  Many graduates charge $50-$70 per hour for their services.

Upon completion, impressive photo ID badges and frameable documents are issued stating you're Certified in the JET Technique for KinesiologySM.  The confidence gained from this program will assist you in serving your customers with more poise and credibility.

Simplicity in

A core principle at the JSI Institute throughout the development of the JET Technique for Kinesiologysm was to incorporate The Principle of Simplicity.

As a natural progression, the Professional Certification Program follows this same pattern, consisting of:

Complete Basic Training
       On-site or DVD
Attend (8) 1-hour Conference Calls
       Interactive, live sessions or recorded playback available
Submit 3 Field Tests within 3 Weeks
       Perform 3 Field Tests using easy-to-follow testing forms
       Receive personalized coaching on your Field Tests
Complete Final Exam
       Open-book Exam - 90% or higher to pass
       Access to all training materials, including Audio Critique  

But don't be fooled by its simplicity.  The steps to Certification incorporate rich, real-world learning environments.  When you're Certified, it will be for this simple reason: you've learned it - and you've earned it.

The cost for Certification
ranges from $525 to $645, which includes all the test equipment and business resources you will need (You may qualify for discount pricing). If you currently own Test Equipment
the full cost will be applied.
When you consider the positive financial impact alone - it makes financial sense to pursue Certification.

If affordability is an issue
-- to quote Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Rich Dad wouldn't say "I can't afford it."  He would say, "How CAN I afford it!"  Payment plans available.



In less than two weeks, my product sales more than paid for the entire training and Certification.  I strongly recommend Certification for increased knowledge and practice, not to mention establishing credibility with those you test.

Phyliss Boynton, RN, Milford, CT
Certification in the JET Technique has given me unsurpassed credibility, increased my professionalism, given me the knowledge I need to truly help people, and the confidence to guide and assist others toward their goal of improving vitality.  

Barbara Votik, Charlotte, NC  


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Test equipment purchases include a 10-day moneyback trial period. Once you've received the equipment, this trial period will begin from the date of your personal consultation or group training. 15% restocking allowance applies in the event of return.

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