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Host a Training

If a Power Enrollment Training comes to your area, don't miss it! You’ll be intrigued and fascinated. At this interactive training, you’ll be participating and laughing as much as listening. It’s a hands-on experience that you’re sure to enjoy. Most of all, you’ll learn how to find out exactly what's right for you! Getting a Certified Trainer from the JSI Institute to train your group or organization is easier than you imagine....

Training is quite comprehensive for a single day: Basic skills for consistent results; advanced skills in dosaging, compatibility, surrogate testing; and presentation skills and marketing techniques. A typical training occurs on Saturday from 8:00am - 5:00 pm.

It includes a no-risk moneyback satisfaction guarantee. Each participant pays only $69 on an EarlyBird basis. Up to the day of training, regular registration is $90.  Should they decide to pay at the door - if  space is available - the cost is $105.

A minimum of 35 people must be pre-registered no later than 15 days prior to training to make it feasible for JSI to absorb all costs of the event. If your group is confident that this can be comfortably achieved, then we're green-light-go!

The JSI Institute will cover all costs of providing the event, including any required room rentals, audio/visual equipment, any other related facility expenses as well as promotional brochures. In addition, there's no charge for travel costs. JSI will make all financial arrangements for air travel, rental vehicles, driving, and lodging. All meals and other items related to traveling are also paid by the JSI Institute.

Of course, it would be helpfull for your group to provide us with information on economizing expenses by using existing room facilities when possible, available A/V equipment, and suggesting reasonable lodging options.

How is JSI Compensated? Of course, a portion of the offsetting expenses comes from the tuition of each participant. JSI further offsets costs by bringing certain resources to the training, such as supplement dispensers, kinesiology test devices, testing forms and related books for sale. 

Be assured the training does not focus on selling products. Many of the techniques can be used with manual deltoid testing - pushing down on the arm - so the purchase of any test equipment or any of the other products is purely optional.  Merits of these resources are self-evident and little time is spent discussing them.

JSI will be also be actively involved in promoting the event. CDs can be sent to key people in your area to give them in-depth information they can share with their organization. If you have conference calling capability, consider having JSI as a guest speaker on your scheduled conference call.

JSI will also provide excellent promotional literature, a series of E-flyers for broadcasting, and even toll-free recordings people can listen to. If there are any other ideas you have for promotion, we'd be happy to partner-up with you!

It's simple to reserve this valuable training for your organization - with a fully refundable retainer of $250 made payable to the JSI Institute. Simply print this page as your invoice and receipt.  We accept checks or credit cards.  

Note: The retainer is fully refundable, provided there are a minimum of 35 participants registered.

They must be registered no later than 15 days prior to the training event. Thank you for understanding this must be met without exception to avoid forfeiture of your deposit.  We can do it!

T o g e t h e r   w e ' l l   c r e a t e   a   s u c c e s s f u l   e v e n t!

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Test equipment purchases include a 10-day moneyback trial period. Once you've received the equipment, this trial period will begin from the date of your personal consultation or group training. 15% restocking allowance applies in the event of return.

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