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What You Learn

You tend to believe what you personally experience, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s very reassuring to immediately experience the effect of a product you’re considering.  

Whether it's foods you may be allergic to, assessing your unique nutritional needs, or testing wellness devices...the JET Technique for Kinesiologysm provides a revolutionary way to find out exactly what’s right for you.

You can test almost any food to see how it affects you. Foods that increase your energy are preferable; try to avoid food that weakens you. Your dietary intake has a major effect on your well-being...both immediate and long-term. Take charge of your wellness – become aware of how different foods affect your vitality and start to make better choices!

Are you taking a supplement you don’t need? What if you’re taking one you’re allergic to and don’t realize it?  Your nutritional supplement needs are unique; shaped by diet, heredity, metabolism, environment & more.  How do you know if you're taking the right dosage for your needs?

Using the JET Technique is a smart way of making sure you’re taking the right supplements, with the best dosage.

Do you “get what you pay for” in supplements?  Seeing is believing, when you use the JET Technique!  Inexpensive “name-brands” will quite often display their inferiority compared to a high-quality multivitamin. See if you’re wasting your money on ineffective supplements.

It’s a good idea to check for sensitivities to foods, over-the-counter medications and more. With the many potent ingredients in today’s supplements, it’s possible that you may have a negative reaction them.

You can test any product for sensitivities: if you test weaker, it’s an indication that this substance will negatively affect your well-being. You may be surprised at the number of things decreasing your vitality!

Placing a wellness device (magnetics, far-infrared, etc.) on an injured area and testing muscle strength is a smart way to decide which devices will work best. Demonstrating “before & after” energy levels from a magnetic massage, chiropractic adjustment, reflexology or other bodywork is also very reassuring of their value.

Which skin care products are best suited for your skin type? Test for the highest readings by applying the product to the inside of the bicep. Just about any substance can be tested....have fun discovering the many ways you can improve the quality of your life!

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Test equipment purchases include a 10-day moneyback trial period. Once you've received the equipment, this trial period will begin from the date of your personal consultation or group training. 15% restocking allowance applies in the event of return.

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