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Testing Equipment



4U2CTM Test Device

4U2CTM.  For you to see.  Because seeing is believing. And if there's ever been a natural phenomenon that needed proof-positive, it's kinesiology. It is an undeniable fact that your body reacts - positively or negatively - to many things, with an immediate change to muscle strength that correlates very well to your individual needs.

4U2CTM. The self-testing solution includes test equipment that clearly shows the changes to your muscle strength, and that's what's important. Seeing how your body reacts to products. It's what we call bodytalk. It's informative - and fun.

Remembering that we teach muscle testing for a variety of purposes, let's say for example you're testing 2 different brands of multiple vitamins, brand A and brand B. You put a tablet from Brand A under your tongue or against the sternum (using a $9 accessory that drapes around your neck). Then you measure your muscle strength. You have increase of 10 pounds in muscle strength. So you mark Brand A as testing +10.


Then you test Brand B. It scores +20. Do you think your body is reacting more positively to Brand B? If you said yes, we would agree with you. It's clear communication you can trust.





The Other Piece of Equipment

The second important piece of equipment you'll need, you already own. To get accurate results, you also have to know how to use your noggin. The right side of your brain. The left side of your brain. How to get clear test results without influencing the outcome by opinions and other distracting thoughts.

Your brain houses a highly intelligent mechanism.  The part of you that instinctively, intuitively knows stuff that you could never figure out otherwise. Human history - indeed, all mammalian species - is replete with examples of the incredible power of instinct and intuition.

You've probably even experienced it in your own life. Think back to some experience you had where you just "knew" something. Even though there was no outward evidence. And yet you found it to be absolutely true. It sent shivers down your spine. That's the power of your lateral geniculate nucleus in action. Ask other people - you'll find almost everyone has experienced this sophisticated form of intelligence in action.

In kinesiology, your brain can work for you - or it can work against you. Kinesiology is like an automobile. If you know how to drive it, it can take you places. But if you don't, you'll crash. That's why our 1-2-1 JET Coaching™ is so essential. It's hands-on Drivers Ed. for the serious Nutritioner.

The lateral geniculate nucleus is a powerful part of our brain that God gave us. We teach you how to use what you already have. Because a powerful mind is a terrible thing to waste



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