Double Iron-Clad Moneyback Guarantee


We don't believe in a bunch of fine print that you'll never read. Our moneyback guarantee for each and every course is simple and fair. Just the plain truth in normal words.

Guarantee #1: At the conclusion of any course, if you feel this isn't absolutely the best solution you've ever seen----for whatever reason----we will refund you 100% of the tuition.  Period. No questions, no hassles.

Guarantee #2: If you aren't satisfied at the completion of the course that you can accurately use what we teach you AND you'll be able to actually remember it, then we will refund you 100% of the tuition.

Keep in mind that with muscle testing, we don't expect you to become an overnight expert, and neither should you.  Our courses are similar to "learning how to ride a bicycle".  It takes practice, but once you've become good at it ... you never have to learn it again.

But if you haven't attained the tools for success from what we've taught you by the conclusion of this course----and it's ok if you don't----this is your one and only time to ask for your refund on this course.