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MRT - The Basics


The validity of Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is clearly evidenced by its massive growth.  In today's fast-changing world of commerce, technologies survive only when the consumer receives benefit.  Millions of people have benefited from MRT. It has been steadily evolving and gaining momentum in the last 50 years, with over 50 techniques in use worldwide today. 

The term kinesiology means the study of muscle movement.   There are a wide variety of applications including professions in physical therapy, sports medicine, and more.  Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is often called kinesiology because it studies human muscle movement as well, but don't confuse it with kinesiology taught by colleges for physical therapists, etc.

Muscle Response Testing measures muscle strength as it's affected by a variety of stimuli through protocols that have been developed over the decades.  A simple example is putting sugar under your tongue and observing how it decreases your muscle strength.    The caveat is you really need to know what you're doing to achieve a reasonable level of accuracy.

JET Kinesiology is a user-friendly yet scientific form of MRT designed to help the consumer make intelligent choices for themselves without the need of a professional skilled in MRT.  We teach you to accurately test yourself on foods, food supplements, and many other personal care items. Testing these consumer products can help you make informed choices about what's right for your body, and what's not.



One of the first forms of MRT originating in the United States in the 1960's was termed applied kinesiology.  This has been taught to thousands of health professionals, largely due to pioneering efforts of Dr. George Goodheart, who developed (and continues to teach today) this particular methodology for health practitioners worldwide.

Another popular form of MRT is Touch For Health, developed by Dr. John Thie (1933-2005).  It is currently practiced in 102 countries across the globe, with over 1 million people having experienced the benefit of these techniques.  Their techniques focus on balancing meridians, relieving stress, and much more.  You can learn some of their excellent revitalization techniques here.

JET Kinesiology is a form of MRT that focuses on providing consumers convenient and practical answers to the questions they have regarding products they consume.  Self-testing equipment is advocated for higher accuracy, less influence from a second party, and more definitive test results.  Protocols have been extensively refined over 10 years.  It's been taught to thousands of people in the US, Canada, New Zealand, China, Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia, and Indonesia.  

Ad-hoc forms of MRT abound, and quite frankly, we shudder when we see them.  Many people lack training in the basic fundamentals of mental discipline thereby causing inaccurate test results.  They're inadequately trained in principles of measuring muscle response.  If they're pushing down on another person's arm, they can intentionally or inadvertently influence the other person's muscle strength.  All of which can add up to inaccurate test results which can have people making the wrong choice, and a negative experience of MRT.



So what changes your muscle strength?  It's still being explored, but current theories suggest that at a molecular level your body is composed of electrically charged atoms, and when your body comes into contact with another substance (also composed of electrically charged atoms), a subtle transfer of energy occurs. Just as a person who scuffs their feet along a carpet causes a transfer of static electricity when touching another person, this same principle is in action at a more subtle level. This transfer of energy has been found to cause an immediate change in muscle strength.

The most common example of how a muscle can be immediately affected by physical contact with another substance ... is actually a standard medical procedure.  When a person is having an angina pain, if a nitroglycerin tablet is placed under the tongue when the attack is occurring, the heart muscle will start to relax and the symptoms will begin to abate.



What's most intriguing is that the change is almost immediate. Placing nitroglycerin under the tongue during a heart attack has an extremely fast-acting effect, even though it takes much longer for the medicine to reach its destination. There's a substantial amount of time involved for the tablet to dissolve, be absorbed, travel through the bloodstream, and actually reach the heart muscle where it dilates the coronary artery, thereby relieving the stress. So why does the heart relax beforehand?  

The answer may be found in gustatory receptors located under the tongue which lead to the brain. When the nitroglycerin tablet is placed under the tongue, the electrically charged atoms that form this substance is thought to send its “molecular imprint” message along these neural pathways to the brain, where the brain recognizes the beneficial substance, and relays the message via the autonomic nervous system to the heart.  Knowing that help is on it's way, the brain tells the heart to settle down.  That's powerful communication.



Clearly, this indicates your brain has the power to recognize a substance, form a judgment relative to the body's needs, and cause the body to react through the autonomic nervous system. 

The part of the brain that's involved in this process is called the lateral geniculate nucleus.  It's our innate, inborn intelligence.  And it's smart. 

MRT harnesses the power of innate intelligence.  How?  If you put a food or food supplement that's beneficial for you under the tongue or against the sternum, your brain will consistently cause an immediate increase to your overall muscle strength averaging 5 to 10% .  This is repeatable and can be quantifiably measured with our test equipment.

If the product is of limited or no benefit, then there will be no change to your overall muscle strength.  And if the food product is harmful for your body, the brain will cause a 5-10% reduction to overall muscle strength.  Again, this can be quantifiably measured.  Once you've been properly trained in MRT, this becomes an extremely accurate way to make smart choices with foods, food supplements and personal care products. 

For the rest of your long, healthy life.



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