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MRT - The Brain


In today’s modern world, much of our brain is centered around logical thought processes as we navigate through our day. There’s another part of our brain that doesn't get as much attention, mainly because we no longer use it as a survival mechanism. It’s our innate intelligence, located in a region of the brain called the lateral geniculate nucleus. It’s also known as your instinct or intuition.

It's still alive and well, if we take a closer look. A person senses that a loved one who's thousands of miles away has experienced some catastrophe, and finds out it’s true. A split second before an automobile accident, an occupant senses something’s going to happen. Someone walks behind you in a grocery store and it gives you the willies. You get the urge to call someone, and they were picking up the phone to call you.

It’s not just humans who possess innate intelligence, but other mammals as well. It’s a known fact that animals react strangely hours before an earthquake occurs. Horses become skittish when severe weather is approaching, even though there’s not a cloud in the sky. If you’re not feeling well or you’re injured, pets will instinctively stay close to your side.



The catastrophic Asian Tsunami of 2005 was replete with accounts of the innate intelligence in action in both humans and animals. Many lives were saved by sensing the impending danger well before the tidal wave hit. It was well-documented in articles by MSNBC.com, CNN.com and other wire services.

Elephants scurried to higher land along with their owners before the Tsunami hit. The entire Sentinelese tribe, normally fishing on the coast at that time of year, headed for highland forests well before the waves hit the coast and returned unscathed. At the Yala National Park, home to Sri Lanka's largest game reserve, floodwaters washed 2 miles inland, but the deputy director said they could not even find a dead hare or rabbit. In Jirkatag, India, the entire Jarawa tribe survived by fleeing inland well beforehand.

There's a tendency to shrug it off as coincidence or inconsequential when these types of things happen. We suggest taking a few minutes to examine it. Even if you can’t recollect the last time your instinct or intuition gave you a strong communication, almost everyone has experienced this type of intelligence in action. Many times on a repetitive basis. And since it’s happened to millions of people, it's worthy of our attention.



We all possess this inborn capability. The innate intelligence in both humans and mammals is able to detect things that our other senses are oblivious to. You can learn to develop and trust the power of your innate intelligence. It's smart. And it exhibits accuracy that often leaves us dumbfounded and amazed.

What does this have to do with MRT? When your innate intelligence is stimulated through MRT, that part of our brain sends a correlating signal through the autonomic nervous system that changes your muscle strength. In plain English, that means if you put an unhealthy product like candy under your tongue, your brain recognizes it, and makes your muscles go weak. It’s not weird. It’s just the way the human body is wired.

Various forms of MRT have been developed over the last 50 years to harness the power of your innate intelligence by combining it with refined protocols to extract important information. We believe your innate intelligence knows exactly what your body needs, and its communication comes through loud and clear.

To be successful with MRT, you need to return to trusting the power of your innate intelligence. It's an important part of who you are, and an important part of our curriculum is to guide you through practical processes which reconnect you to power of your inner knowing.

Go ahead. Use your head. In a new way.



Editor's Note: On another level, I believe this testing is also about our faith in the goodness of our Creator.

However you may describe your Higher Power, if you can embrace that He has endowed you with a multitude of gifts and miracles through the human body, then JET will work well for you.

In other words, faith in the goodness of our Creator, however you may express it, is part of what makes JET testing work. We won't infringe on your religious or spiritual beliefs. We simply suggest that you incorporate them, whatever they may be.  We honor your beliefs.



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