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Nutritional Self-Testing Kit

The two most important questions with supplements are: Do I really need this supplement? Am I taking the correct Daily Amount for my needs? You’ll get the answers you need with the testyourself.infoTM  Nutritional Self-Testing Kit…for the rest of your life!

Nanotechnology-Testing Kits Are Available Now
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James’ Pillbox Picks!

As many of you know, I'm all about helping people with supplements. Consequently, I have spent many years considering the challenges of how to best approach "getting it from the bottle to the body"! Here's my picks on some of the best options available today, as well as the pro's and cons.


Full-Color Brochures

Your Body Knows Things You Don’t TM. Beautiful, full-color tri-fold brochures for prospects, explaining - in lay terms - nutritional testing using kinesiology. A perspective on kinesiology that is very appealing to our western-oriented culture.


Energy Ball

Kinesiology works because the human body can easily transmit electrical impulses. Experiencing this important principle in action with the Energy Ball helps kinesiology make sense to people…

Hear a 3 Minute Audio Introduction

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Test equipment purchases include a 10-day moneyback trial period. Once you've received the equipment, this trial period will begin from the date of your personal consultation or group training. 15% restocking allowance applies in the event of return.

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