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Personal Wins
In football, it takes hundreds of good plays to win the game.  In health, it's hundreds of good choices over the years to win.  That's where your focus needs to be.  Still, it's fun to see some of the fantastic plays people have made...
Medical Disclaimer: The JET Technique for Kinesiology is for demonstration purposes only of food and food-classified products.  If, in the process of personally choosing the foods and amounts of supplements and other health products your body naturally demonstrates a positive response to, you experience higher vitality and normalcy of function, we have accomplished our mission.  It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat or cure any medical disease or condition. Never take medical matters into your own hands.  See your healthcare professional if you have any concerns of this nature.  This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Copyright 2006 James Stevens Inc.
Testimonial Disclaimer: At JSI, we promote a heightened awareness of our individual biological body.  Also expect individual biological results.  It's our choice to share here a few "fantastic plays" people have had in their game.  However, it would be unrealistic for you to expect a similar personal result. On the other hand, we do not wish to diminish the power of your personal intention.   Copyright 2006 James Stevens Inc.

'I‘ve had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) for about twenty years...within 48 hours I was able to go from a half a day to a full day's energy...it's been 9 months now and my energy level continues to climb.' 

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Gretchen Ward


December 3, 2004


'Absolutely amazing! I couldn't believe it. My results were so obvious that I didn't even question them. I had a lady test me on her [other] machine and she put me on two products. When I later tested myself on the two she gave me, I also tested positive by 35. Then I tested on about 15 other things. Some of the things I had picked up [in the past] showed that I didn't need them and some I did. I'm excited. Thanks James.'

Donna Gunter

North Carolina

May 5, 2006



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